Posted by: iamlillian | August 15, 2009

Project accomplished

Finally after 3 months++

our first D.I.Y furniture makeover project is completed…

presenting our ‘Inspiration table’


Thanks to my brother for assembling the coffee table…we couldn’t have done it by ourselves.

Also, thanks to Mel & Janice for decorating the table. It’s just so pretty!


Coffee table post D.I.Y makeover; Lilies from Mel’s graduation; clay vase & stars from pottery class; Mel’s graduation scrapbook page.


V  This was how it looked like when we first laid our eyes on it.

IMG_3556the story behind this coffee table can be found here.

we are inspired & excited to start our next D.I.Y project on the other table we found lately!



  1. haha! there’s another table???? i feel like i’m watching some kinda movie.. first movie’s over, now right away there’s a sequel.. lol :p anw, the table looks GREAT!!! u guys r awesome haha. reminds me of those oprah shows where they hv makeovers. so creative. i like the white paint + red top combination. good work! p/s: i was reading top to bottom.. just wanted to say how pretty u + ur sis looked in those pics 🙂

  2. hehe… 😛 we were like ‘rubbish’ collectors, driving around hunting for ‘treasure’

    shy* aww..thanks for your compliment, Mei. hehe…fake eyelashes…something new for me 😛

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