Posted by: iamlillian | August 16, 2009

Janice’s bday surprise

15/08/09  – Celebrating the beautiful sunny day the Lord has made.

Celebrating You, Janice!

You’re a Blessing!




Mel baked this super cool 3D Cake

IMG_1324Some of Janice’s favourite food.




It was an awesome night. Thou Janice was kinda ‘surprised’, we had a fantastic time. A Big Thank You goes out to Mel,and all who replied in the facebook thread for brilliant ideas, and all who contributed in preparing the delicacies that Janice loves, esp Salmon Avocado sushi, thanks to Yoshimi, Joseph & Joel for getting the KFC & drinks, Joseph for the card & Katie Noonan CD; Jez for the delicious Indon Mee Goreng! So Good! and Brian for the Salmon on crackers, the Wellington guys for the ‘xiu yok’…and last but not least, Mel who baked 2 cakes in 2 days straight…Thanks to ‘White Wings’ brand too. =P


this was taken at 12am...with Janice's new friend, Cuddle




  1. Ahaha, the “star trek crew” is so cute!

    Then I saw the KFC & Indomee… and GRINNED. It’s so Jan 🙂

    Awesome celebration, looks like you all (and esp Jan) had a great time! She’s really blessed to be loved by all of you 🙂

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