Posted by: iamlillian | August 18, 2009

Make-up & hair-do

It’s been a rainy day. Heavy downpour. But it didn’t spoil the fun of the day. Plus, we got many things ticked off the ‘to-do’ list.

It’s less than 4 months to sis’ wedding! It is good that mum and & i are able to be here at this time to be part of the wedding & reception planning.

This morning, sis & i went for a make-up & hair-do trial for her wedding. The process was fun. The make-up artist was very friendly and understanding. I think we enjoyed ourselves. Which girl wouldn’t enjoy a make-up session & getting her hair done up nicely?

 I had full fake eyelashes attached to my eyelids, for the very first time, i think. =P

then, we went to a beautiful restaurant to plan the reception dinner & the banquet with the manager.

The highlight of the day was to see sis in her actual wedding gown. She just looked so gorgeous! we went to the bridal shop to check out her actual wedding gown. It was so delicate and beautiful.

Food-tasting as dinner tonight for the 8 of us. Good food & services. Lovely ambience. love the range of desserts which we all got to taste. Green tea ice-cream in a crispy coconut & white choc coated waffle in sago & santan – irresistible! feeling so full now…and tired.

However, excited about another great day ahead. =)


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