Posted by: iamlillian | August 22, 2009

The exclusive Operation Car Wash


found this little note sitting on my car dashboard as i got into my car this afternoon.


sent my car Yaris ‘Dory’ (hehe, it was recently named – the story behind, read below) to the Operation Car Wash by the PACErs this morning.

a fund-raising event for the missions team – PACE.

I must comment on the amazing work they did! Applaudable!

really really impressed by the transformation my car went through. It was really really extremely dirty, full of little rocks, sand, dried mud stain, dried leaves, twits, and even bird kidding!

but when i went back to collect my car and open the car door…it was spotless! Literally..the floor carpets are perfectly vacuumed.

Very Impressive!


Some weeks ago…

J: What’s the name of your car?

me: err…Yaris?

J: Yaris!?

me: errr…ya..Toyota Yaris lah…

J: no, no…i mean names…like this (pointing to D’s car)..This is Daisy. How about yours?

me: ohhh….erm…(thinking* something to match Daisy) ohh! Donald!

(lol…lame me…when i heard Daisy, i thought of Donald & Daisy Duck instantly =P) so, the name ‘Donald’ was given without much hesitation.


Then few days later after telling my housemates about the story of  naming car …we decided it should be renamed…properly…

initially wanted it to be a ‘he’ as it has been a rough guy, knocked here and there, scratched there and here…

wanted some sporty kind of names…

and after much brainstorming of names that suit better for my car…

we  ended up with one that was agreeable among us =P






inspired by Dory the fish in ‘Finding Nemo’…

clumsy and forgetful…like the owner of the car..who always forgets whether she did/did not lock the car…after walking some distance away and remember.


Wikipedia: The common name dory (from the Middle English dorre, from the Middle French doree, lit. “gilded one”) is shared (officially and colloquially) by members of several different families of large-eyed, silvery, deep-bodied, laterally compressed, and roughly discoid marine fish.


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