Posted by: iamlillian | August 27, 2009

fun with sewing & cooking

4th sewing class this morning…managed to get more bits done to my skirt. It’s coming together! =D


It was good 2.5 hours of fun sewing and watching the skirt coming together from 2 pieces to one.


Tried it on before stitching and it fitted perfectly. =)

IMG_1634One more class next Thursday. Going to learn to sew the zip on.


When mum came to visit 2 weeks ago, she brought a frozen fish for us.

Fish: ‘Bai Chang’ in mandarin; ‘Ba Cheong’ in foochow; and after googling for the name of the fish in english…it’s called White Pomfret. Common fish found in markets back home.

i found ‘white pomfret’ matching to the images of the fish on google image. =P

‘Google it’


Sadly, its head was chopped off at Perth Airport Quarantine services.

but still thankful for the fish, packed frozen, sealed with freshness.

and i decided to cook steam it this evening for dinner with my brother.


For topping, i put some sliced mushrooms, tomatoes, capsicum, pickled lettuce & ginger..a bit of black vinegar & fresh lemon juice. + a bit of good quality chilli sauce (the type for chicken rice) to go with it. yummm…

The meat was fresh & tender.

we were reminiscing our childhood, thinking & chatting about home & past as we enjoyed the dish with some rice.

it was satisfying. Later we called mum to thank her again for bringing the fish, thou risked losing it at quarantine. Imagine how wasted it will be for it to be disposed into the quarantine bin.


After dinner,  i decided to try making agar-agar. Can’t remember when i last made them. I managed to bought some little pretty molds from Chinatown today. So i was excited to try them out!

It was so simple, yet so yummy and satisfying. It’ll be perfect during summer!

i also put my favourite Nata De Coco into the molds…




while waiting for them to set, we were making mini snowskin mooncakes!

yes…mooncakes are out in the Asia groceries recently…as we head closer to the Mid-Autumn Festival (Mooncake Festival)…if not mistaken, i reckon it’ll be on the 3rd October this year.

Mooncake Festival (i prefer) is one of my favourite time of the year since i was a little child. Fond memories- fun with lanterns, walked round the neighbourhood with lit lanterns in our hands, burnt lanterns…enjoying the sweet mooncakes, etc.

I like chilled snow skin (direct translation of mandarin ‘Bing Pi’ for snow skin)  mooncakes with lotus/ green bean paste filling. My fav.

Back in 2006 when i visited my relatives in NZ, one of my aunties made mini snowskin mooncakes. They were so yummy! So, i asked for the recipe and wanted to make them myself.

These were the ones i made back then.

IMG_04950One good thing about these is that you don’t have to bake them.

Non-baked chilled snowskin mooncakes.

V These are the ones i made just now. I lost the recipe, but thanks to Google nowadays…recipes can be easily found online.


There are a few variety of  snowskin mooncake recipes…

here are a few links…

I used the recipe from this website – IndoRecipe


  • 1 kg (i used 500 g) glutinous rice flour
  • 1/2 kg (i used 250 g)  icing sugar
  • 200 ml (i used 120ml) vegetable oil
  • 400 ml (i used 350ml) milk
  • food coloring ( i havent had any)
  • chestnut puree as needed (I used Lotus Paste)
  • red bean paste as needed
  • food essence as needed (i didnt put pandan essence)
  • Preheat oven to 400 F
  • Place flour on baking sheet and bake for 30 minutes; stir flour every 5-10 minutes. To define the flour is cooked or not, you can see how the flour changed in color, instead its original white color, it will turn to brown color.
  • Set aside to cool flour.
  • Reserve about 1/2 cup cooked flour; for dusting your mooncake mold.
  • Mix (either with hand or a mixer) half-cooled cooked flour with icing sugar, oil, milk, bits by bits until ingredients form paste/dough.
  • You can add food essence and/or food coloring while mixing the ingredients.
  • Dust your mold with reserved cooked flour
  • Make balls/rolls of the paste and the fillings (red bean and/or chestnut puree); flattened the paste ball and place the filling ball in the middle, close the flattened paste ball, seam to seal, place it into the mold, press with your palm, knock slightly and turn mold over onto a serving plate.
  • Serve mooncake chilled.


It was a trial to see if the recipe worked. And it did. So, i’m thinking of making more in the coming weeks. maybe try different flavours.

Too bad they don’t sell mooncake moulds here, something like this (saw this in this blog)


…so, i used the jelly mould.

also, there are many youtube videos on ‘how to make snowskin mooncakes’, such as this…


Mel was making glutinous rice ball with red bean paste & peanut paste.

it was a glutinous rice night!

so much fun… >.<


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