Posted by: iamlillian | August 29, 2009

Call it…

Last night in Discovery Group, the ice-breaker question was:

If your life was made into a movie, what would it be called?


There was a moment of silence across the room.

Maybe it was something that we rarely if not never, thought of.

you can see people started thinking hard…

so, i suggested that movie titles such as ‘Lord of the Rings’ or  ‘Mission Impossible’, any movie that most reflecting your life. Or movie comedies or dramas…

then someone shouted…

‘Borat’…laugh out loud (thou i havent seen the movie..i presume it’s very funny)


one said ‘Titanic’ !! LOL* classics! romance story.


then we asked Aunty M what she would call hers…and she said…

‘to Cut the long story short…’ © Aunty M

and a pause before i went…’Ohh!’

so the title called ‘to Cut the long story short’…(i see =P)

one said ‘Friends’ drama series ;


Another said ‘Red Cliff’ movie…woa…


Then one said ‘Kung Fu Panda’…that was so unexpectedly hilarious!


talking about Panda…

there are pandas everywhere, in Rundle Mall. Big, small…softies…on posters/cards/leaflets…the famous black & white furry animal is on parade!

saw one miniature panda softie amongst little kangaroo softies in a souvenir shop in Adelaide Arcade. so cute!

and outside Borders today, there’s a life-sized Panda! Someone dressed in a Panda suit. I think it might be for fundraising…phototaking with passers-by… =P


i probably call mine something to do with art…something like ‘The girl in painting’ or ‘Paint it…’ or ‘A painting in progress’

seeing my life as a painting slowly unfolding as the Painter paints every stroke and adding shades of colours onto the canvas.


now, what would you call yours?


IMG_1656happy feet today. =)

IMG_1655took this photo (love the yellow building…matching to the white flowers) on my way home this afternoon…just before the heavy downpour started…again…

The wettest winter in Adelaide i’ve experienced by far.




  1. hi ! it was a great surprise to discover this blog today !!
    realy good one !!

  2. i hope my movie would be : “The Lord of the Rings ” .

  3. hehe…which character would be you? Frodo? Aragorn? Legolas? 😛

  4. thank you. 🙂

  5. yes, it gets you thinking

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