Posted by: iamlillian | September 20, 2009

D.I.Y Project #2

It was such a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Janice & i decided to go Bunnings Warehouse to get our gear for the 2nd table project! It was so exciting! So many people at Bunnings Warehouse. Perfect day to shop for some hardware etc… Janice bought a pot of parsley & i bought a pot of flower for just $2.

plantHope they survive =P

Last month, we drove around areas in N.Adelaide for reusable old furniture that people had thrown out for hard rubbish collection and we spotted this table at the roadside. It was still in a perfect condition.

So this afternoon, we gave it a good wash-down and scrub before we started spraying white paint onto it. One can of spray was just sufficient to cover the whole table.

diy1Wearing personal safety equipment like face masks & gloves is important too. =P


After splashing pink & yellow paint onto the clean white surface, we decided to use the remaining paint to paint one of the 3 old plastic chairs which we had found too during our ‘hunt for treasure’ in August.

it was an impulsive act of art. But we were both happy with the result. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves…thou we made a mess in our garage…splashing paint all over the place. =D

diy2It was so much fun at our backyard. =P

diy3 mission almost accomplished.

we left the paint to dry. will finish with a coat of glaze. =)

splashart attack!



  1. wah so exciting! =D
    and looking super artsy.

  2. hehe, it was indeed exciting & fun…thanks Eugene.

  3. […] It reminded me of what Janice, Mel and myself did last spring season hard rubbish collection week. We actually drove around the neighbourhood, even to North Adelaide to see if we would come across something that could be refurbished and we found a stack of plastic chairs & a table. It was so much fun to transform the old dull look to a bright artsy look. I blogged about it here. […]

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