Posted by: iamlillian | September 22, 2009

rain ah rain

Gloomy rainy days looming in…again. Where did the sunshine go? :-l

if i have an umbrella like that…i wouldn’t mind staying in the rain all day. 😛

(photo from tumblr…click to link)

am checking weather forecast at Bureau of Meteorology (

weather forecast Not looking pretty this week.

Wednesday Morning shower easing. Min 10 Max 17

Thursday Morning shower or two. Min 12 Max 20

Friday Windy. Showers. Min 10 Max 17

Saturday Windy. A few showers. Min 9 Max 15

Sunday Shower or two. Min 9 Max 15

Monday Fine. Mostly sunny. Min 7 Max 19

Tuesday Fine. Sunny. Min 9 Max 25




Looking forward to next Tuesday. oh yea. To sit on that swing again.

Thinking of that makes me happy. 🙂

at the meantime…Plan B – indoor jumping up and down  (exercises i mean) 😛


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