Posted by: iamlillian | October 14, 2009

Road trip to Mt Gambier

On 03-05/10/09

housemates and i decided to hit the road…to south east of SA…from Adelaide to Naracoorte, Mt Gambier, Port MacDonnell, Robe, & Kingston and back to Adelaide.

hours driving on the freeways, highways, country roads…at 110km/hr. Cruising drive….occasionally bumpy roads with potholes. we drove past possibly more than 10 animal carcasses…one was a medium sized kangaroo…poor skippy.

Thanks to the great company on the road…plus we have stocked up with great musics, blasting the volume to max…keeping me awake behind the wheels 😛

Praise God we didnt get quite lost throughout all the drives. Thanks to the map and of course, can’t do without a good navigator – Janice. =)

the beautiful breathtaking views just made my heart cried out with praises to God, the Almighty One who created all things so beautifully and delicately.

highlights including bright yellow canola flower fields, interesting Mammal fossil in the Naracoorte cave, and of course the amazingly Blue Lake in Mt Gambier.

enjoy the photos. =)

flowersdriving past fields of canola flowers



lakeMt Gambier, the Blue Lake City



more photos at my Flickr


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