Posted by: iamlillian | November 9, 2009

a love story

Last week at work, one of my patient, S played a new song by Guy Sebastian ‘Fail to Mention’ from his latest album ‘Like it like That’ on her dvd player as she shared with me the love story behind this song.

it all started when her mobile phone rang with Aussie singer, Jimmy Barnes’ song ‘Red Hot’ as the ringtone. Then she showed me the 2 new cds her partner bought for her. Jimmy Barnes new ‘ The rhythm and the blues’ cd & Guy Sebastian ‘Like it like that’ cd. Two talented great Aussie singers! Two great choice of cds she has.


You can see the glow on her face as she shared about the music that she enjoyed. She said she would play these songs aloud at home and dance to the beat. groovy!

She was filled with enthusiasm to play snippets of JB’ songs on her dvd/cd player for me to hear. They are really nice songs…jazz-blues, a bit of rock. nice!

The story behind the song ‘Fail to mention’- personally i felt that it was so sweet of her partner to say that one of the songs on Guy Sebastian’s cd reminded him of her everytime he hear it and left her to figure out which was the song. i just went ‘awww…that’s so sweet’ – as she played the song  ‘ fail to mention’ and asked me to listen to the lyrics closely.

part of the lyrics goes like this…


“whenever she smiles, she loves like a woman but laughs like a child. And did i fail to mention that she gets so beautiful, act like a waterfall sent from above. And did i bring attention to how she so wonderful, she could make anyone fall so in love…”

They got together 6 weeks prior to her unfortunate motor-vehicle accident, as a result she is hospitalized for 8 weeks thus far due to the multiple-trauma she suffered from. Throughout these past few months, he has been there for her, supporting her through. She said that she couldn’t be happier to having found him. A love story.

Ms S is a very optimistic person witha great sense of humor. She has a distinctive laughter and often you can hear her laughing hysterically as she chatted on the phone.
I really admire her for her perseverance and positive thinking approach to her current situation. Since her accident, she had multiple surgeries and stayed resting in bed for 6/52. She is unable to weigh bear on her feet for anothr 3 months.

Despite her current situation, she is not in despair. Instead, her face is often beaming with a wide smile and loves to crack jokes with staff. She laughs over little funny things and her laughter is no doubt contagious! No wonder the lyrics says ‘and she laughs like a child’, care-free laughters…. 😀

and this morning i saw her again…and just so happy to see her looking so bright, in her wheelchair now…still cracking jokes and making us laugh.

she taught me an important lesson, perhaps just reminded me again that Laughter is the Best Medicine. And she lives it out.

it’s been a good day at work…despite the warm weather & busyness in the morning, i have lovely patients that really made my day. A sincere thank-you from a patient, a smile and a wave in return…

and now i’m enjoying the songs of ‘Like it like that’ album, I reckon it’s one of the Best albums from Guy (worth-listening – very good vocal & melodies)

Another beautiful song i enjoy listening to would be – ‘Perfection’ last song of the album.


Jimmy Barnes

Jimmy barnes

Thank you, S. You made my day.







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