Posted by: iamlillian | November 14, 2009

Christmas Pageant 2009


It was going to be 39 degree max today, but the Show will go on. Yes, the Christmas Pageant will go on 😛

Despite the heat, it still attracted crowds, young and old…yes, they’ve done it again. So, Janice, my bro Jon and i decided to join in with the crowds.


This year there are a few new addition to the pageant, including the 2 life-sized Pandas, Wang Wang & Funi joining the fun at the Christmas Pageant.


It’s amazing that these clowns/performers/entertainers were still so energetic, entertaining crowds despite the almost unbearable heat.



A special day for the little ones 🙂


more Christmas Pageant snapshots can be viewed through SpacePotato


also, i managed to dig out some of the previous pageant photos i took back in 2005.


Christmas Pageant 2005

This photo was taken in 2005 with my sister. It was my first Christmas Pageant in Adelaide. It was quite cool still during November 2005 as you can see the jumpers we’re wearing. And now in early November 2009,  we are already experiencing such hot 39-40 degree weather.


Christmas Pageant 2009

Could this be a sign of global warming…undeniably yep…


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