Posted by: iamlillian | December 25, 2009

How i spent Christmas day

in just few more minutes, Christmas day 2009 will become history and stored away in the memory lane.

and i am just reflecting on the day…what has it been all about?

This Christmas i was allocated to work. a different experience.

I woke up 5:45am feeling excited for the day ahead. Stepped out into the quietness and stillness of Adelaide CBD. Not a single soul. Not a single car in sight. walked happily to work…reaching just on time, as usual…

and went to the allocation room to find out where i’ll be sent to work today.

” ward R8.”

yep..medical ward. the one i was in yesterday. and guess what…i was working in the same bay…the Dream Bay (the delirium bay)

I was to do 1:1 nurse specialling on a young girl detained under medical order due to suicidal attempts.

“Merry Christmas”, as we greeted each other.

All in all, it’s been a good day at work. Relaxed and cheerful atmosphere…was able to engage in conversation with my young patient.
I was glad that she appeared cheerful and filled with Christmas spirit. We went around to people and offering popcorns and just spreading the joy of Christmas day. It was comforting to see the smiles on the faces of the not-so-well patients as we approached.

It was my joy to see their faces glow.
I was glad to see my patient”s face beaming with cheerfulness.

All the patients received free gifts from the ward. And special Christmas Menu. Free Lunch for staff – roasted turkey & leg ham etc…food brought in to share with others, chocolates…and Christmas Greetings…to the people we came across… and smiles to exchange…

All these brought warmth to the hearts of many. the hearts of the lonely ones, the sorrowful ones…

yes…Christmas this year is about reaching out in love. Sharing the love He shown us, especially to the less fortunate ones.

Thank you for Your Greatest love, Lord!

and i was blessed to be invited to a BBQ dinner at David & Irene’s house. Blessed to share food and fun with OCFers. So blessed!

ended the night with praying for one another and remembering those who are going through tough time despite this festive season.

to many Christmas is about family & gifts.

What is Christmas to you?



  1. Great read! inpiredword

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