Posted by: iamlillian | January 21, 2010

the Fantastic Mr.Fox

watched Fantastic Mr. Fox movie few weeks ago with Vivianne. Based on one of my favourite author, Roald Dahl. It was like a puppet-animated movie which really intrigued me. Indeed it was Fantastic to watch. 😛 Director Wes Anderson did a brilliant job! Another witty movie which he directed was ‘Darjeeling Limited’ a story of 3 brothers on an adventure to India, which i enjoyed watching too. 

Fantastic Mr. Fox- i think  it’s entertaining and amusing. i like the picture motions, the settings/design/home furniture/attire of the characters. i like Mrs. Fox painting and her outfit with a cute vintage brooch. i like Kristofferson, Mr. Fox’s nephew too. I like the way they talk, the speeches…with the perfect voices of George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Jason Schwartzman.  It’s a witty fun movie to watch and just be absorbed into the world of the wild animals. I also like the part where they dig their way around under the 3 farmers. Definitely a must-see movie! Hope the soundtracks are out soon too!

and i was browsing through Design*Sponge blog just then…

and i saw an entry on Fantastic Mr. Fox and thought, hey…this is so cool…must share!


Perhaps fox hole living isn’t your idea of bliss, but there is no denying that Fantastic Mr. Fox is a morsel of such homey goodness it would be morally bereft of me to ignore it. Over the holidays, I saw the sets from the movie displayed in the Bergdorf Goodman windows and i was totally blown over. Filmed using stop motion animation, each set was lovingly hand crafted into a vast maze of miniature dollhouse rooms and streets. Now I’m all a flutter over miniatures. Thanks a lot, Wes Anderson.

Visit Design*Sponge for more details etc.

Nfox brooch $49, tie $10, nest haven chandelier $898, william morris acorn paper, landscape painting $189, easel $76, Dom Perignon $120, chesterfield sofa $5998, blazer $158, bandit mask $11, acorn bowl $17.

found some interesting posters for the movie. enjoy!





i found the list of the interesting soundtracks of the movie on this site —

Movie Taglines — one of my favourite thing =)

Dig the life fantastic.

His life is fantastic… his wife is fantastic… his neighbors, not so fantastic.

This year, forget super… ignore incredible… it’s all about fantastic.


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