Posted by: iamlillian | February 28, 2010

wrap-up: Fab Feb 2010

haven’t been blogging/check my blog for quite a while now…i guess laziness is not a very good excuse. 😛

it’s been a fabulous February with many good times & memories for remembrance. Really Thank God for His abundant blessings & providence.

It’s time to wrap-up this fab Feb & close this chapter, storing it away somewhere in the corner of my mind. it’s also time to start a new picture folder. hmm, let’s call it “Mad March 2010”.

below are some of the highlights of the past 3 amazing weeks of Fab Feb.

Went to see Wang Wang & Funi, the 2 Giant Pandas at the Adelaide Zoo. They have just arrived late last year to Adelaide. It was a family outing to the zoo organized by Janice’s company, Santos. Thanks to Janice’s colleague who had an extra admission ticket, i was able to visit the Zoo for the first time, even better,for free!

God’s beautiful creation. still amazes me, giraffes.

Lovely surprise from Janice. She bought one for her mum & one for me.

@ dinner at friend’s house on CNY. Little red packets containing a note with words of encouragement from the Chelsea Apartment Girls & a CNY poster painted by Debra G.

@ Glenelg


21.02.10 – Tropfest Short Film Festival @ Glenelg

to be continued…


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