Posted by: iamlillian | March 1, 2010


10 days to last shift at work.

19 days to biding farewells. sigh* i’m not good at saying goodbyes…

26 days to Tokyo.

counting down the last 20 days in Adelaide, making it a total of 5 years, 1 month & 12 days – learning, growing, discovering, encountering & experiencing, all right here. Bringing back fond memories as i browsed through the photos, the first times, first experiences, meeting different people…things that made me laugh, made me cry, things that still amazes me… that’s why i love photographs.

counting…yes, the days are passing…i will soon lose count of the days, lose track of things…but i will never lose the Love in my life. The Love that lives within, may You shine so brightly in my life, Lord.

but while i’m on this journey of life, i am counting the blessings…how blessed i am. He still amazes me, keeps me in awe, of His wondrous Love.

I thank You Lord, for Your amazing love that covers me. I thank You Lord, for Your Truth & i can always trust & hope in You.

Through it All, the good, the bad & the ugly times… i thank God for His grace, the undeserved favor, which He has so graciously poured out, unrelenting, unconditionally. Every new morning, His mercies are new. He refreshes & restores. He knows, he comforts, He is strong when i am weak. He lifts me up, he holds me close to him. He teaches, he rebukes, he guides my paths. He provides, He sustains. He sees into my future.

Things are changing…but i know for sure that He remains the same. I can trust in Him. I can rely on Him. I can fall back into His embrace.

“When i look at the night sky and see the work of your fingers- the moon and the stars you set in place- what are mere mortals that you should think about them, human beings that you should care for them?” – Psalm 8:3

You still amazes me.




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