Posted by: iamlillian | March 1, 2010

Fab Feb [part II]

(Fab Feb continued)

went to check out Tropfest short film festival for the first time @ Glenelg beach few weeks ago. 16 finalist films were shown from 7pm. Before that, we strolled along the beach, sat on the grass enjoying the beautiful weather & music by Janice, Justin & Cheryl.  It was such a lovely day to be sitting on the grass enjoying the films. A few interesting ones which i quite like were – One, Happenstance, Shock & Smoking will kill you. All the videos can be viewed @

One… is about the journey to find the ‘one’. it’s sweet & cute. love the dice community 😛

to watch ‘One‘, click this –

Victoria’s Raphael Sammut’s dream is to write and direct original stories as he has done with his comedy short Smoking Will Kill You, based on the premise that cigarettes don’t kill people, people kill people.

i like the indie song used in this video, called Never Get Enough by Das Pop …and the conversation is hilarious. Not married, no girlfriend considered as a gay? lol…

to watch ‘Smoking will kill you’, click this-

Never Get Enough by Das Pop ( a band from Belgium)

“Sydney based director and last year’s Best Comedy winner Abe Forsythe has entered a film named Shock into this year’s competition. Shock is about a man waking up to realise the choices he has made have led him to where he is in his life.” – with deep meaning.

to watch Tropfest 2010 Winner -‘Shock’, click this-

“After his first directorial effort Happenstance, TV actor John Marsh has realised that directing is what he should be doing. The film is about Valentine’s Day causing pain and heartache, until a fateful knock gives the main character Grey, hope.”  – The man under that bear suit won the Best actor award.

to watch ‘Happenstance’, click this-

(to be continued)


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