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Adelaide International 2010
Apart, we are together

The heart can take us in many directions: memory, secrets, longing, and emotional thresholds. It is with the heart that we forge an aesthetics of courage and sustenance. What does it take to survive? What forms of resistance and resilience are at work? How do we convey a beating force? The artists in this exhibition express an impulse to connect – with a person, a location, or a state of being. Their gestures come from a place of compassion, but are not sentimental. At times, the more closely one looks at a place, the more distantly it looks back.

Art provides a means to create and sustain a bond with these ungraspable horizons.

This year the Festival launches the inaugural Adelaide International 2010, an exhibition of 11 international artists and collaborations located at five contemporary arts organisations in Adelaide.

Curated by the Festival’s Visual Arts Curator, Victoria Lynn, this year’s exhibition is entitled Apart, we are together. Developed in collaboration with the participating galleries, the Adelaide International 2010 will consolidate the Festival’s long history of engagement with contemporary art from around the world. The exhibition will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue.

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“The theme of the Adelaide Festival in 2010 is the Heart. There are many meanings both literal & metaphorical for this powerful word. Sure, it is the organ which beats countless times to keep us going, a miraculous pumping station, but let’s not forget its various metaphorical meanings, embracing love, the point of departure and return, the home, the centre. It also suggests generosity, inclusivity, courage and sheer feeling.” – Paul Grabowsky, Director of Adelaide Festival.

“Art is speculative.”

“It delves into regions that our everyday media cannot even imagine, and seeks new trajectories through aesthetic means, responding to specific narratives in the global present.” – Victoria Lynn & Nikos Papastergiadis

Monday was my day off work, so i thought i would go check out the visual art exhibitions at the Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art & Art Gallery of SA.

Below: Just Styrofoam cups & glue, this artist, Tara Donovan created such incredible piece of art. Abstract. i lingered below this hanging gigantic object and just stared with amazement.

then i went to the Art Gallery of SA to see the Biennial of Australian Art which was pretty impressive. It’s called ‘Before & After Science”. Unfortunately photos were not allowed. Think i’ll visit again before i leave Adelaide.

Before & After Science explores this contested territory, taking inspiration from acts of transformation: the humble into the precious; the old into the new; and the mundane into the magical. The twenty-two artists and groups participating in this exhibition revel in the mutability of matter and the capacity of art to go boldly beyond the realm of what is real. Together, they draw on speculative strategies to illuminate the overlooked, repressed, and intangible.

The exhibition assembles 22 of the nation’s most innovative and exciting contemporary artists and artist groups, to present an amazing and unsettling vision of our world, where mystery and the unknowable wrestle with order and reason.
Independent Melbourne curators Sarah Tutton and Charlotte Day have selected cutting-edge new works which, through their use of media, theme or narrative, change the humble into the precious, the old into new, and the mundane into the magical. –

Another brilliant thing to do during this festive season is to stroll along North Terrace at night, admiring the beautiful Northen Lights – The historical buildings transformed at night, with beautiful patterns projected on the buildings, as if the Buildings were painted with stunning looks. Very smart & creative. I managed to take some pictures last saturday. It’s Bigger, Better & Brighter! Every dusk to late – Free! 🙂

In 2010, Northern Lights will stretch westward along the stunning North Terrace boulevard, illuminating our historical buildings including the State Library, SA Museum, Art Gallery of SA, Elder Hall, Mitchell Building and Bonython Hall and will extend around into King William Street to light up the rear wall of Parliament House, which faces the iconic Adelaide Festival Centre.

Internationally acclaimed, Sydney-based projection specialists The Electric Canvas will return to Adelaide to light up our city. Northern Lights was created using digital software and giant French-made PIGI system projectors, each weighing more than 200kg.

 Northern Lights is FREE and will run from 9pm until 2am for over a month from Friday, 26 February until Monday, 5 April 2010. – link

On 27th Feb, 

The Adelaide Festival has celebrated 50 years with a real bang on its opening weekend.

Thousands of people flocked to Victoria Park to witness the free light and fireworks show “A Little More Light” produced by Groupe F from France.

The company is internationally renowned for its work which includes the Athens Olympics, the millennium celebrations in Paris and New Year’s Eve festivities in London.

Free glow sticks were given out to show goers which proved popular with people of all ages.

“A Little More Light” was a light and sound show which not only featured brilliant fireworks in the night sky but also a light show below tree level.

A giant pin wheel mounted on a huge crane was a central part of the show and was also used to launch some of the fireworks. –ABC news 

above: bokeh effect. recently i am in love with bokeh, been browsing for it in Flickr…and trying to capture beautiful ones too. Below: Lights at Rundle Park, Garden of Unearthly Delights.

videos of the pyrotechnics extravaganza. It was spectacular!

It’s the Mad March in Adelaide – with The Fringe

 The 50th Adelaide Festival


Clipsal 500

It’s all happening, right here in Adelaide. the City is at its liveliest peak of the year. 😛

Rundle Lanterns lit up Adelaide at nights….


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