Posted by: iamlillian | March 8, 2010


note: [about] page updated  :- )

was browsing some blogs yesterday & discovered a new one – Black*Eiffel, adding it to my artsy & inspirations list

scrolling down the blog, this youtube video caught my attention.

Slow Motion Video! Yes, i’ve seen a few quirky ones (previous post) …these ones are quite entertaining too!

It’s a little short stop-motion film on a song called ‘Lost Things’ by A Fine Frenzy.

Latest Work from Angela Kohler & Ithyle Griffiths.

also discovered another whimsy 30seconds video made by them. [below] – Kindle Ad. I like the cotton clouds & the vintage bike.

There’s something quirky about the moustache.

Lately, I also discovered another interesting blog on moustache & beards. “I made you a Beard” says Erin Dollar, the maker of the fake beards.

and i found Ithyle’s Youtube channel and watched this short documentary about different walks of lives. Quite Inspiring. i like the bokeh & the cute toddler in the video. Love the part 0.30seconds showing the scene from a moving vehicle, with the quote ‘Everyone has a story to tell’. [below]



  1. […] very talented Angela Kohler and Ithyle Griffiths! i love love their works. Check out my previous entry on the videos they produced. fun fun […]

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