Posted by: iamlillian | March 21, 2010

recollecting scattered thoughts….

day 1 <Perth>

already starting to miss Adelaide. Everything in it. sob*

Life is never the same now. different. out of the usual routine. maybe that explains why i am feeling all mixed up inside with agitation and troubled heart.

i thought i was handling this alright. i thought i could do it easily. but nop…it hit me…just like that.

so here i am penning these thoughts and feeling down…acknowledging each of them…(maybe it’s not the right time/right mind state to do so now..but who cares anyway…) here goes…

well…i guess my body& mind are still in the midst of adapting to the new environment and time. I slept at 1am adelaide time last night & woke up 5am perth time…need to adjust my body clock to the surrounding. hmph.
and i guess i have too many things on my mind, i was actually making lists of things to do & reminders while i was in the airplane to Perth. It felt like a million things to do. Also, i was kind of rushing myself today for no reason (selft-creating stress) and honestly having a few complaints etc and felt a bit ‘homesick’ and want my mummy now…badly. maybe this is part of transition…i am a little overwhelmed. maybe. having doubts…all the maybe-s. sigh…

travel/moving-related stress?

so i need to recollect my thoughts and focus, not let stress eats me alive.

sigh, i really need to embrace this change with joy and patience. One step at a time. i’ll get over it. with reminders of i am not alone on this journey.
but thankfully, God is gracious. Amen. He is good, all the times. He gave me peace this morning at church & through friends who are so caring and thoughtful, who called & smsed me to encourage me. And talking on the phone to mum was just what i needed too.

it’s funny how i was reminded that we are habitual being…and breaking away from my usual habits/routines is actually causing stress & increased anxiety. yes, i need to acknowledge that. Often we don’t realised that ourselves.

funny how i am also excited about the future. excited to anticipate what God has instored for me in the days to come. yes…i need enthusiasm to drive me on. starting with a smile now perhaps.

note to self: He provides for me. More than i could hope or dream of. I really shouldn’t  complain.
i think a good shower now might just lightens me up a little some light soothing jazz music shall do the trick…hehe…good night, Perth.

ps: hmm…somehow in my head now i keep replaying the good memorable times in Adelaide (oh yes, i miss cycling care-freely and walking self-amusingly to places in city)…but i must move on with that treasured piece of my life. with joy & courage.

interesting or rather ridiculous fact #1 about Perth city – woolies & coles are closed on Sundays except the woolies in the city central area. {eyebrows raised} Mission to do grocery shopping & trip to IKEA failed.

hmm…guess i will have to gradually find the 10 things i like about Perth city.

List: 10 things i will miss about Adelaide {coming soon}


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