Posted by: iamlillian | April 4, 2010

Why Easter?

More than just a seasonal celebration
More than just a public holiday, more than just sleep-in, more than just chocolates & Easter eggs & bunnies….

Why Easter?

To Remember Jesus who paid the ransom for our sins, resurrected from death and IS Alive. He overcome death. through Him we have eternal life & hope.

He is the Reason we celebrate, we rejoice.

He only is worthy to be worshipped & adored.


{The Empty Tomb}

Read Matthew Chapter 28; Mark Chapter 16; Luke Chapter 24; John Chapter 20.

Thanking God for His Love & Faithfulness.
Safely arrived back in Perth from Tokyo. Tired after +/-12 hours of flight. It was a good holiday altogether with good company. 🙂
Back into the house of God to give Him Praises & Thanksgiving. Our worship is what He desires most.

Joy & Peace reigning in this heart of mine. Jesus, I adore you.

(half way through unpacking…still my room is very unorganized. I need to get organized.) Need to catch up on sleep….

photos are coming soon…

Jesus IS Alive,



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