Posted by: iamlillian | April 5, 2010

Tokyo (part 1)

Janice & I just got back from our Tokyo trip recently. We often say that we would love to travel.

About 5 months ago, the thought of going to Tokyo for holiday during march/april came about and we started to talk about it & searched for air tickets online followed by lots of ‘researches’ on Tokyo & planning…and finally our dream to visit Tokyo has come true. 🙂

yes, all in all, we were very blessed to have this opportunity to experience a different culture  & ways of life of the Japanese for about 6 awesome days.

Highlight of Day One in Tokyo:

On our first day in tokyo, just hours after we landed, we headed to Shibuya (Yoyogi Park)& Harajuku to catch a glimpse of the well-known Harajuku street fashion on every Sunday. We finally found them on the Jingu Bridge near the Harajuku Station, on the way to the Meiji Shrine (it was so cold to walk another long distance to see the shrine 😛 actually we were more excited about shopping). yes, we were on foot most of the time ever since we landed in Narita Airport at around 7:15am. Sleepless night & long hour flight + cold 8 degree weather in Tokyo = recipe for feeling tired…But we still wanted to have fun. hehe.

It was really fascinating to see these teens investing so much on their appearance to present their stunning styles to people, especially tourists like us. We can take pictures with them, but have to ask for their permission. So many ppl just hand around the area to enjoy the atmosphere.

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more pictures @ my Flickr


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