Posted by: iamlillian | April 6, 2010

Tokyo (Part 2)

Highlights of Day Two: Tsukiji Fish Market, one of the biggest markets in the world.

The Fish Market was located within walking distance from our hotel. We were supposed to wake up very early in the morning like 5am to see witness the busyness of the fish market or maybe catch a glimpse of the tuna auction. But we decided to give it a miss and go later at around 8am. We were exhausted.

It was still quite busy when we reached there. While sis & bro-in-law were in the long queue to taste the fresh sushi of the now-famous sushi shop, Dai Wa, Janice & I made our way across the busy road to the market to have a quick tour. It was so difficult to cross the road as there were many mini-delivery truck-like vehicles scooting around randomly. (or otherwise know as tricycle carts)  We had to be really careful with every step we take. Quite scary really. But i guess the drivers were pretty skilled and they can avoid bumping into each other or the pedestrians.

Then we headed back to the shop to join in the long queue. It took us almost an hour of waiting until our turn to enjoy a few slices of delicate sushi at Dai Wa sushi shop (now-famous sushi place). We were warmly greeted with warm handtowels & hot tea. We only ordered a few slices of nigiri as the price was very expensive. around 780yen (about AUD$8+) for One piece of nigiri. (gulp*) So we just had a Salmon sushi roll (6 small pieces) & a tomago (egg) nigiri (held together with a thin piece of seaweed) and that’s about it.

excerpt from the Malaysian Airlines April magazine – Sushi Shrine (on Dai Wa sushi shop)

During our 45 minutes wait in line before the clock even struck 6 on a crisp winter morning, the regimental sergeant-waitress of the now famouse 20-seat temple of sushi, Dai Wa Sushi, must have heared us to stand closer together half a dozen times to ensure we did not encroach into their neighbour’s space.

That was so true! Seriously, we had to squeeze together like a tin of sardines…just to wait for our turn to taste the sushi.

Well, it was worth the wait! the sushi was really fresh & the customer service is always excellent, just in any shop you go to in Japan. I must say the customer service & hospitality in Japan is just impressive! i am humbled by the way they bow to the customers & greet them with great respect and politeness.

It was a rainy day with drizzles of rain. After tasting the sushi, we decided to take the subway to Odaiba. There’s actually a lot to explore at Odaiba, but we just went to the Venus Fort, part of the Palette Town & took a ride on the gigantic Ferris Wheel. quite an experience with Janice. hehe. pictures in the slideshow.

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