Posted by: iamlillian | April 9, 2010

Tokyo (part 4)


Highlights of Day 3 in Tokyo:

We pre-booked for a day tour to see Mt Fuji.

  • Full-day trip to Mt Fuji, Lake Ashi and Mt Komagatake cableway, with return to Tokyo by Bullet train
  • Fuji visitor center to see art dedicated to Fujisan
  • Picturesque drive to Mt Fuji’s fifth station
  • Cruise on Lake Ashi
  • Mt Komagatake aerial cableway with views over Hakone National Park
  • Return trip to Tokyo by famous Shinkansen Bullet train
  • English-speaking guide
  • Pickup from selected Tokyo hotels
  • Visit Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji on Tokyo’s most popular day tour, then return to Tokyo by famous Shinkansen Bullet train. You’ll enjoy lunch on Mt Fuji, cruise Lake Ashi and ride the aerial cableway at Mount Komagatake for sweeping views of the celebrated Hakone National Park.

    On your full-day trip from Tokyo you’ll travel by coach to the Fuji visitor center to see cultural art dedicated to Fujisan. As you drive up to Mt Fuji’s fifth station at 7,607 feet (2,305 meters) you’ll be inspired by the beauty of the Japanese landscape. Lunch (if option is selected) is a traditional Japanese-style meal.

    After lunch, you’ll enjoy the crisp mountain air and Mt Fuji views while cruising Lake Ashi and riding the aerial cableway at Mount Komagatake overlooking Hakone National Park.

    Your day trip to Mount Fuji concludes with a ride on the famous Shinkansen (Bullet train) super-express for the return journey to Tokyo.

    At 12,388 feet (3,776 meters) Mount Fuji is Japan’s highest mountain. Rarely, on clear days, Fujisan’s perfectly shaped volcano slopes can be seen from Tokyo and Yokohama, but views are always subject to weather conditions as mountain weather is notoriously unpredictable. Visibility tends to be better during the colder months, in the early morning and late evening. –

    It was a perfect day for the tour. The sun was shining, we were sitting comfortably in the coach. Tour guide, Ms Yoko was very friendly and always smiling. She spoke perfect English & kept us entertained by explaining the Japanese culture and living which was fasicnating to learn. The snow-capped Mt Fuji was so magnificent, the view was simply breath-taking. We were very blessed for a clear day to enjoy such beautiful scenery. The day before our tour, it snowed heavily. If we were to book for a tour on Monday, we would not be enjoying the scenery. So really Thank God for the perfect timing. The quick tour at the Mt fuji Art Gallery/Museum was interesting too to see the beautiful creative artworks by different artists illustrated different style of Mt Fuji. The postcards and souvernir were irresistible. We had exquisite Italian lunch at a restaurant. We took a cable ride to Mt Komagatake, It was totally covered in snow. We spent half an hour playing with snow and climbing up to the top to see the the beautiful scenery. We had fun making snowballs and throwing at each other. We also attempted making snow angel, which did not turned out well =P It was very fun until our fingers went numb. It was slippery to walk on snow, making it tricky to climb up the snow-covered stairs and down again. But i truly enjoyed myself, it was definitely a highlight for this trip to Japan. =D

    At the end of the tour, we took the Shinkansen back to Tokyo Station. While we were waiting on the plateform, we could hear the sound of the train coming, and it moved at a very high speed, just amazing. Most people had their cameras on standby to catch it coming. The bullet train was filled with people. It took us a while to find seats, we had to sit separately in the end. One of the cabin was a smoking zone, we had to hold our breath and walk quickly to get through to the next cabin. I had a window seat. It was fascinating to watch the scenery changed, passing different areas in Tokyo. The lights were coming on as the sky is getting dark.

    From Tokyo Station, we took subway to Akihabara, the Electric Town. There were so many shops selling all kinds of electronic goods. We even checked out the flip mobile phones that almost every Japanese were using. I observed that many Japanese holding retangular flip mobile phones texting or calling. interesting.

    I bought myself a little groovy green headset for my ipod. heee…

    We had Japanese Authentic MOS Burger for dinner. heee… I am usually not a burger person, but boy Moss Terriyaki Beef Burger was delicious! The bun, the lettuce, the sauce and of course the juicy tender beef tasted so good in one big bite. yumm!

    We also spotted the Tokyo Banana cake stall at Tokyo Station. Apparently it is very popular. There was a queue when we got there. The one we bought was chocolate flavoured cake. It was a banana-shaped sponge cake with banana custard filling. Very soft and delicious. 10 pieces individually wrapped for 1095yen.

    So far I was not once disappointed with the food i bought and tried in Japan. They really have high expectation and quality for their food.


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