Posted by: iamlillian | April 11, 2010

Tokyo afterthoughts

It’s been a week since I got back from Tokyo. Just want to share some interesting things about the cosmopolitan society of Tokyo & its culture i noticed during the trip.

1. The Japanese are generally very polite and respectful. They treat you with extreme respect. Especially those working in sales, at the cashiers, their attitude towards their job was very impressive.  I am humbled by the way they all stood up to greet you when i walked through the checking point at the subway station to the airport train. There were many of them at the checkpoint. I felt awkward walking towards them as there was only Janice and I there. They all bowed with respect. We felt so shy and we both giggled to ourselves commenting on their repectful attitude.

2. In the Subway stations, i noticed that the Japaneses automatically stand on the left side of the escalator, forming one line. I was impressed. So, we just had to follow the same, so that whoever that was in a hurry can quicken their steps on the right side of the escalator. And most of the staircases in the subway areas have arrows marked on the floor to show which way up and down. Just to help with the better flow of people during peak hours i guess. I must say they are very oragnized, in other words, being thoughtful of little details. Once i bought something from Loft and the salesgirl put a plastic cover over the carry paperbag to protect it from getting wet in the rain. And it wasn’t raining heavily at all. Just a small drizzle. How thoughtful of her!

3. Wherever we went for food, we were served with icy water with ice cubes without fail. And water is free of charge. Very pleased with that! Once i asked for hot water, the waitress served it in a teapot with a cup and saucer. I was impressed.

4. The hi-tech toilets in Japan! haha…Most of the shopping centers and major places have the automatic toilet with multi-buttons of functions and of course the very warmly heated seat! =P Some toilets i visited were almost touch-free. The toilet flushed itself. Even cooler, haha…it had a fake flushing sound effect button too! haha…to cover up some embarrassment.


that’s about it for now. can’t think of anything else. Oh…one more, the pretty girls at Shibuya 109 were like…really barbie dolls! from head to toes they were like the girls from manga. big eyes with long lashes, perfect hairdo, slim and stunning in their floral tops and high heels. They almost looked identical. There was even a sign said no photography near the escalators to remind tourists like us who have never seen such pretty girls (haha) not to take pictures of them or the place/shops they work in. lol.

basically Tokyo is a very cosmopolitan city. I wonder if I would like to live in a big city like Tokyo. hmm…coming from a small town myself…i am glad to be back in Perth at the moment. I think i had enough of the one week bustling streets crowded city for now…however i do miss Japan. Seem like there are a lot more to discover of the rich culture & places. Hopefully i can go visit the other parts of Japan too. someday.


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