Posted by: iamlillian | April 12, 2010

Job Hunt: MediServe

Strangely I started the day with great motivation, better than any other days. It must a good dose of God’s word and good sleep 😛

I said it was strange because it has been raining overnight throughout the day, so the sky was grey and gloomy cold wet weather the whole day, kind of depressing right?…but it does not dampen my mood at all 🙂

So, around 10:30am the phone rang! Faye from MediServe rang and advised me to get an application pack from the office as there are many forms to be filled out. YEAH! One out of 3 applications replied me SO SOON! Without any further ado, I drove to East Perth to the office. There were indeed many forms for me to fill out! hah! i actually love to fill forms 😛 weird i know. haha.

So i had to fill in forms like “Working with Children Check” which costed me $50 with a whole lot of specific instructions to read, and Criminal History Record Check costed $33, employee details form, Supperannuation & Tax forms and a few other declaration forms. Also i had to get a few competencies module done online. That would be the next task to the completion of this job application.

One last requirement before employement as a nurse in WA is that I need to undergo a MRSA Swab at Royal Perth Hospital, i was told. MRSA is Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus. Because i have been working in the health sector and it is a standard screening test. Well, I’ve only explained and done it on my patients…but never cross my mind that i would one day undergo it! haha….So, i got the address and drove to the Hospital. It was actually a quick & easy speciment collection. A swab in the nostrils, and groins and if any open wounds too. (that was the standard procedure i know so i expected that it would that for me too which will be quite embarrassing :P) BUT…the nurse said that they only do it in the nostrils and in the mouth/throat area…not going anywhere further than that! lol!!

It was my first time visiting Royal Perth Hospital, which is located right in the city centre. Being away from hospital setting for exactly a month today! haha. I actually saw a Registrar who was an ENT Registrar in Royal Adelaide Hospital! What a coincidence! I walked past and there he was, walking quickly past in the crowd. I remembered those early mornings when he and the interns did the ward rounds. Saw him in the operating room too when i was in there observing a tonsillectomy. But i never could remember his name. ha. so many doctors to remember names.

So it’s been quite a progressive day…managed to get as much as i can do for now for the job applications. It’s going to another good day ahead! i can feel it now! haha.

Note to self: God is indeed gracious! Another incident today: I found a sidepark right outside the ED of Royal Perth Hospital. I was parking my car, adjusting my position trying to reverse a little to park properly..BUT strangely my car went forward instead of reversing!!!! I checked again and again with my eyes wide wide looking at the gear box, it was at Reverse gear! WHAT WAS HAPPENING? It went forward somemore…why? how come? It was actually a slope..and it was raining…so i reckoned it was because of that…

THANK GOD i decided not to step on the accelerator anymore even if it’s on the reverse gear still…because when i looked at the car in front of mine, it was SUPER FREAKING close to mine! SWEAT! like i actually knocked into it! BUT A HUGE RELIEF! i did not. I stopped at the fine line of disaster vs. near-miss. My car was so close to the car in front of me. Literally less then 2cm! I was stunned. started to panic a bit…but i went to settle the MRSA Swab first…and came back to the car, sat in the car waiting for the person to return to the car. I actually checked the time on the parking ticket…it would be another 40 mins before the owner would return to either move the car or extend the parking time. So i filled the gap with filling in forms in my car…then i started to get worried again…all the what-ifsss…but i know i should just wait patiently. Playing Hillsong’s This is Our God cd listening and singing along with the songs helped to distract my mind and keeping me at peace. I figured out that i should just wait and not start driving (I wouldnt even dare to try!)  just in case the car decided to go forward again, that would be disastrous! i didnt want a dent in my new carplate, and of course not getting into trouble. i cried out “help me, God…please…please..let this be ok…” When the time came for the owner to come back to the car, i got even anxious, repeating the words i would say and imagining the reactions etc…i just wanted to say “Thank God no damage is done!”  “I just need you to drive forward…and i would be able to just drive forward down the slope too.” I kept replaying myself saying those words.

So,…finally 40minutes past the actual time limit, a couple walked towards the car. The lady immediately went up to see the back of the car, as my car was so close to theirs as if it had knocked their car. So i quickly explained myself…and phew…they just gave me a relief look and a chuckle and drove off. PHEW!!!!!!! IT WAS A BIG RELIEF. That instance, I didnt even mind waiting for almost an hour before i can drive off safely. As long as no one gets hurt, no damage done.

All i can say is that GOD HAS BEEN SO GRACIOUS AND MERCIFUL. i really dont want the opposite to happen. IT would be a big drop of SWEAT!

car is functioning ok now…but that was really strange! i should be extra careful with my driving. sigh* learning lessons the hard way. 😛


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