Posted by: iamlillian | April 16, 2010

Tokyo (part 5)

i was greeted with “こんにちわ Konnichiwa” on my Flickr page this morning =) what a way to start my morning with fond memories of Tokyo.

here are some montages on the magical day in Disneyland. 1st day of Easter Wonderland in Disneyland, attracted thousands of people, creating a very crowded scene. Like a child again, it was a care-free happyland. It would be even more enjoyable if it wasn’t so windy & crowded. 😛 but we still having fun.

Janice & I acted like kids..going with the flow, got ourselves some cute Disney accessories. ;oP

Also, we noticed many girls carrying this cute bear bear called Duffy in Disneyland. Some of them had 3-4 Duffy in their arms!! I was curious to know where they bought it from. So i walked up to a bunch of Japanese girls and asked them in my broken Japanese. 😛

They told me it’s only available in Disney Sea. ahhh…but Janice & I did not plan to go there. The newly-wed couple went there the next day. Apparently it was very interesting & lots of attractions & shows too. It’s the only Disney Sea in the world. So, dear sis bought me a Duffy to hang on my new bag 😛

Below are some of the random highlights & interesting stuff of Tokyo trip, the cute, the innovative, the bizarre- raised-eyebrows, the perfectionist/slight OCD … lol.

i like their vending machines….they were everywhere!

One of my favourite shops in Tokyo was Loft. It has a big variety of stationery…i went crazy in the shop. =P

Adding new rubberstamps to my collection…

here ends the Tokyo travel album… さようなら (sayonara!) 私はまたいつか訪問を来る (i will come visit again…someday)

the end-



  1. i like ur room!! nice deco, and so neat.. now i feel like i hv to do sth to my own room… haha, we’ll see if im guai & creative enough to pull it off!! :p

    ahh, really enjoyed all the pics and stories u shared abt ur trip 🙂 thx for sharing! haha i just wanted to smile/laugh when i read abt ur comment on Loft.. i think i’d hv gone crazy too :p

    glad u had a wonderful trip my dear 🙂 can’t wait to see u in less than 2 mths time! 🙂 xoxo

  2. Hi Mei! hehe…avoiding the mess 😛
    yes…i think i’m not quite satisfied with the current deco above my table. hmmp…need more inspirations. haha.
    haha…i’ve been very eng this week. 😛 waiting to start some work! cant wait! 😛 strange that i am enthusiastic about it! i guess when i work, time flies ‘faster’ meaning i’ll be on the plane to kch soon, to melb soon, to nz soon. 😛 😛 😛
    Yes i cant wait to see u too!!! 😀

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