Posted by: iamlillian | April 28, 2010


i have learned to appreciate the unoccuppied time that i am having now and trying my best to make the most out of it.

although too much freedom can be sickening too. 😛 what was i doing with ‘off days’ i have had…? i asked myself. gee…i want to achieve something…like something really really worthwhile….

well, i know i can…if i really put all my might into it. but…

Sometimes Often, i got overwhelmed and stuck in self- frustration, creating the unnecessary stress resulting in wasted time. Days when i slack…while waiting…while hoping…while daydreaming. Days when i felt least motivated with a blank mind but a list of things to do and reminders… I have been wasting my time, my life. sigh* ughh… too much negatives.

but thankfully i came to realise a few essential priorities….it felt like rebooting my mind..and regaining motivation and hope. i thank God for His Word. “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness…” 2 Timothy 3:16 I thank God that He never give up on us, even if you think you are totally hopeless.

so i am learning to stop dwelling on the negative thoughts, to stop them from creeping into and poisoning my thought. it came with struggles, constantly. it’s not easy. It’s a battlefield of mind.

 I need to consciously direct my thoughts and energy to doing productive things for each new day. I am learning, to appreciate more, seeing the positive side of situations…these things so often slip the mind, easily.

acknowledging the good, the bad and the ugly moments. not forgetting the possibilities with a heart full of hope. With Him, nothing is impossible. i read somewhere, it says that “Impossible” = I’m possible (hidden in the word itself)…Impossibly Possible!


It’s been more than a month now since i worked. It has been a transition period, a good long break from work, a lot of hours to organise all my stuff especially boxes of scraps/craft stationery and putting labels on each box, a time to explore the new neighbourhood, a time to ponder upon the Word, thinking and planning for future and spending time with family and friends.


so here’s a little entry penning down the good things that happened lately and cherishing each of them. It’s the little moments that really count! well, if you are really bored enough to read my monologue below. lol.

. the thrill of the progression of job application. The thrill thinking about re-entering workforce again. the eagerness. oh yeah…oh (sigh)

. the individuals who care. the thrill of receiving card & letter from dear friends in the mail. you made my day.

. a dinner/ catch up with friends. girl talks with a few good laughs from the long queue to korean spicy tofu soup to waiting for my bus at the bus station.

. the joy of lifting my voice to Him in choir. “ya, ya, yA, YAAaa…” am i really a soprano? lol. the joy and peace in the House of God.

. when the defense against flu bug failed…when the body’s at the most vulnerable. But trusting God’s my healer and a heart at peace with hope, it only seemed to be a battle that lasted for a few days. Today i feel like myself again! the congestion of mucus and irritating throat just disappeared. For that I am deeply grateful for today i had a job interview.

. a new job prospect. found NurseWest, a government nursing casual pool (agency) through the gov job search website. So, all the requirement and paperwork filled and processed today at the interview. A rather promising and convincing job opportunities…and the friendliness and reassurance from the pleasant individuals who attended to me made it even more assuring and uplifting, erasing the fears away. making the $5 per hour parking fee worthwhile.

. a pleasant enjoyable inspiring 2 hours at an artists studio. Joined sis for pottery class for the first time here. There were many masterpieces of artworks displayed in the studio, expressing the creativity of individuals. There were some gigantic canvas paintings as well at the corner. Totally inspiring!! at that instant, i really wanted wished to be an artist! Graham, the person who runs the sessions is very friendly and helpful. The class solely focuses on hand-moulding/sculpturing using paperclay. I was hoping to get on the wheel and spin a pot/bowl or something, like a continuation of what i did last year at WEA in Adelaide. It was so much fun. But after the at-your-own-pace session today, I must say i truly enjoyed myself. It was so relaxing and fulfilling. Totally inspiring too, watching what others were doing and giving comments on each others artpiece, with soothing easy music at the background. Less than 10 of us, gathered under a tree outside having an afternoon tea with a choice of hot drinks and nibbles, interacting with each other – is a weekly must. Graham would prepare the chairs in a circle and inviting us for a break from whatever we were up to.

so within that 2 hours, i managed to produce a little bunny. Sis said it looked like Lindt Easter Bunny. haha. I guess i would like to start off with making something more simple, playing it safe. 😛

this was the ready-to-let-dry-clay bunny.

the two small ones were little models

*next session will be painting and perhaps putting it in the kiln to be harden. Hopefully it will survive through. Then i can show it off. lol. hmm..what/how should i paint the bunny?

. 2 hours singing a long list of popular karaoke chinese songs with sis at her house just as my throat is almost 100% non-mucus productivity. 😛 singing is simply enjoyable and destressing. haha.

. finally received my working with children check card in the mail. so it took 2 weeks. the photo on the card wasnt too bad at all. hah.

. tasting the cooking of brother. yum. he can cook afterall, maybe better than me. 😛

. and finally a good hairwash & shower just help to ease the mood a little and refresh the mind and body, agree?


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