Posted by: iamlillian | April 30, 2010

pottery: rabbit

Didnt have a clue of what to make when i went to the pottery class with my sis on Wednesday.

There were many interesting magazines and books on pottery sculptures showing off the incredibly creative masterpieces and exhibitions photos.

I had an option of making something usable, like practical or just a piece of art. heh. Well, i decided to start off making something rather simple and easy before i attempt something more challenging. So in the end i thought of making a rabbit. i actually made one similar to the one i made below, back in 2005 when i first exposed to pottery and clay in Adelaide.  It was also sis who introduce me to the pottery class for beginner in her university. It was an art studio…a perfect spot for art lovers.

above: this was the rabbit i am rather happy with it after the 2 hours, so i left it exposed to air & surrounding, for it to dry and harden. Next session i’ll have to smooth some rough edges and start painting it.

Below: So i was googling for ideas and these were what i found. very simple and pretty. i might paint something similar. Sis were suggesting ” tatooing” the rabbit. haha.

 photos above found at


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