Posted by: iamlillian | May 2, 2010

Singing for the Audience of One

This morning i woke up at 6am to be at the church for 7am choir rehearsal.

The air was crisp and driving down the freeways on a quiet Sunday morning was a very enjoyable experience.

Today was Holy Communion Sunday. Choir was offering a beautiful hymn ” Stay with Me ” to the Audience of One, our Heavenly Father God.

It was my first time wearing the choir gown and standing in front with fellow youths. I felt extraordinarily at peace and just basking in His presence…lifting my voice in one accord with the sisters besides me, offering our voices to the Audience of One, God Himself.

For the last few weeks, I have been attending the choir practices after church services. I always wanted to serve in church choir but always clashes with work commitment for practice time or simply put it, i thought i was too busy for it. Another excuse was I was already involved in other ministries.

So the opportunity finally came and I have no ‘excuses’ this time. Without any further thinking, i immediately decided to participate in the choir. It has been rewarding, learning how to sing and read the music scores and also spiritually comforting. The hymns were so beautifully presented with the combination of voices of soprano, alto, bass & tenor. I also made a few new friends. And it’s always encouraging to have good leaders amongst us who encourage and care for one another.

All Glory Be Unto His Holy Name. Amen.


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