Posted by: iamlillian | May 4, 2010

He provides

God is Good. All the times!

He is my Shepherd. i shall not be in want.

He provides the best for me.

yesterday morning around 10:30am i received a sms from the MediServe agency.

Morning Just booked you for a shift this avo at RPH:GEN:15:00-21:30. Please confirm with us asap. Thanks. 🙂

i replied immediately: YES! I can work!

was quite nervous and worried that there’s a possibility that it might be cancelled up to 2 hours before work.

So i put on the uniform and pulling my black shoes out from the wardrobe and left home about an hour prior, just in case i get stuck with looking for carpark or get lost in the hospital.

But thank God all went in the timely manner: took me 10min to find my way from the carpark to the main entrance, took a big round the compound before i saw the entrance. 😛 First stop was the information desk to ask for the nursing office. Then, signed on at the office and took the lift up to level 9: Geriatric Medical ward. Was greeted by a pleasant nurse who showed me where to put my bag and explained things to me. After listening to the tape-recorded handover, i was given a quick orientation of the ward. The nurse who showed me around was very friendly and that really helped me to be less anxious.

soon, i got past the initial anxiety at the new environment and felt a bit more confident with myself. Working with a very good experience EN helped a lot too. We had 9 patients. 2 of them were very confused elderly.

All in all, i had a good shift to start off with. And that really gave me a boost in confidence. Really Thank God for providing me the opportunity to work. The day i have been waiting for. For those who have been waiting for work/to start work, you can relate to the sense of fulfilment after first day of work. It could be daunting and scary…but the 1st day was usually the unforgettable one..and if it turned out good, PTL!

i thank God for family and friends who have been praying for me and caring for me. Thank you all!

and Praise God again for another day! working this afternoon too. 3-930pm. RPH.

uncertainties ahead…but trust God will guide and protect me.

off to work….



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