Posted by: iamlillian | May 11, 2010

Nursing Journal: back in action

my nursing journal: after 1+month MIA, i am now back into hospital setting functioning like a nurse again. I feel like a nurse again after my 1st week working in different areas in Royal Perth Hospital.

2nd week started off with ED. Monday afternoon. My first shift ever in ED. It was full of ‘excitement’ and challenges, and i soon feel the intensity of the atmosphere. There were nurses and doctors and visitors buzzing and standing around…ED was very busy as usual, if not busier.

I soon found myself buzzing around from patient to patient, ensuring things were up-to-date. The orderlies kept bringing in new patients and the patients kept changing…i turned around and my patient was gone, new patient in the bay awaiting assessment and examination.

ED, It was where all the actions were happening…with patients coming in with extreme agony, potential aggression; in the bay i was working in -with a patient kept calling out “nurse… i’m shivering, i’m so cold…i’m so sick…i want to vomit…”; an elderly man with dementia becoming agitated and restless; a man had a big vomit on the floor, alcohol abused patients; a lady who had an anaphylactic shock while IV antibiotic was administered.

There was hardly a time to slow down and think… it was even harder, when i was looking for things in an unfamiliar place, felt like wasting time searching for things at times…but the staff tried their best to help me, though they were very busy and i hate to trouble them with my endless questions of where, what, when, who and how. It was full on, one thing followed by another, there was hardly time to slow down.

I ended up with a headache towards the end of the shift. I must be quite stressed and under pressure…subconsciously. Although it was full on, and i barely got things under control for my patients, i am quite happy to have this opportunity to experience emergency nursing. It’s good to widen my nursing experience. if i were to work in ED again, i know i have overcome the initial fear and the unfamiliarity. I hope i can be more confident and just enjoy the ever-happening ED.

Tomorrow is the yearly Happy Nurses’ Day. May 12. A pat on the shoulder to all nurses out there and to my fellow nursing friends. May God continues to strengthen your faith and nourishes you with His love and Truth, as you, being His Heaven-sent angels to help those in need. Cheers!



  1. woohoo! you’ve survived ED!
    I barely survived mine the other time haha.

  2. first time is always a bit scary…i left work having a headache. lol.

  3. Happy Nurses’ Day Lillian!!!

  4. Hi Debra! Thanks! 😀

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