Posted by: iamlillian | May 15, 2010

On a day when ideas are flowing

yes today has been one of the days when ideas just swirl in my head. 🙂
A-feast-for-the-eyes day, out and about in the city…window shoppings/shopping for winter clothings for bro.

a trip to Borders while waiting for bro to have his haircut. was browsing for books on pottery/clay sculptures but ended up flipping through books on scrapbooking. Happiness is Sitting on the chair just quietly reading through the pages of inspirations with a great sense of motivation leaving you with a refreshed mind full of ideas. It felt like having a conversation with the author. It was uplifting and enlightening. I was scribbling some notes in my notepad thinking that information would be useful.

Just as i was deeply engrossed in my discovery, bro rang…so i left, knowing i’ll be back next time to continue.

We went to the newly opened EasyWay Bubble tea shop to get our ‘buy 1 free 1’ hehe…despite it was quite a cool 19degree day. why not… 2 large for just $5.

walking down Murray Mall, we saw an artist sketching portraits of passer-by…man, he’s really talented. People just crowded around him watching his every stroke. Very impressive. Inspiring me to just create something artsy.

leaving city, we went to Garden city shopping city and i popped into Kikki.K for a feast for the eyes. ahh…new range of designs in store.

reached home,



we also came across this street performer pianist playing his piano in the Mall. He seemed to be enjoying himself by creating a very relaxing atmosphere for the Mall on a Saturday morning. Putting a smile on my face. 🙂

sweet potato with barley soup perfect on a cold winter day

^ a quick substitute for proper dinner.

 playing with acrylic paints and craft punches…

 it’s a good feeling to enjoy what i used to enjoy doing the most. Forget the time, forget the cares of the world…just indulging in paint, paper and ink.

i thought of snow white 😛

Q: Do you have a craft hobby which you’d like to start taking it a little more seriously?

A: gosh YES! (nodding head)

next up…breeding rabbits !?


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