Posted by: iamlillian | May 16, 2010

breeding bunnies

everything bunny hunny… 😛

Pottery class (3rd week)- making another bunny sculpture…

to be fired when i come back from Kuching

1st bunny went through the firing process...ready to be painted.











 above: Brought home my first clay sculpture – Mr Rabbit. am now stuck with indecision of to paint or not to paint. Maybe i should make more of the same bunny model so i can have different colours like bold, neon!?, decoupage…etc… (light bulb BING!) hmm…i’ll leave it as it is for now…maybe…paint it white first…?

below: i seem to enjoy tearing yellow-edged pages from an aged book i bought from Salvo and thought they are perfect as ‘canvas’ for some acrylic paints and stencils made from craft punches…

feeling good getting my fingers dirty with paints again…and just simply create something…randomly with whatever i have. i seriously need to USE my collections of craft stationery.












another bunny sitting on my window seal, a handmade pin i bought from the vintage fair in Adelaide.

another one, a bunny made out of shells, has been around since as early as my memories of childhood.

reminds me of Alice in Wonderland 😛
Mr Rabbit


  1. OH MY GOSH! I love love LOVE your drawings! They so remind me of those sketch blogs I follow! Yours are like woolgathering’s drawings…quick, stylised, fun n expressive! I love it! I love your bunny sculptures! I’m starting to notice 3D beauty too 😉 I love that your having much creative fun there! keep them coming! They’re so inspiring me to get creative too! 😀 😀

    Take care dear! Hugssssss 🙂

  2. Hi Janene, yes, let’s be inspired each day! 😀 You take care too! i like the birds on wires of yours too on the wall!

  3. […] my 2nd bunny sculpture was ready to be fired in the kiln this week so it will be ready next […]

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