Posted by: iamlillian | June 1, 2010

packing my bag again

the 9 days back in Kuching went quick with plenty of good food and fun time with mum and sis.

from Kuching’s warm sweaty 38degree weather back to 19degree chilly cool winter weather in Perth…it’s a love-hate thing…sigh… i need a heater in my room!

May quick wrap-up:
Started working again in Hospitals. PTL!
Yoshi came to visit Perth.
Making Mum a Mother’s Day card. (which only arrived back in kch 2 weeks later in the post and was soaked after a downpour in kch, but the card was tough and still good. phew! Mum adores it. 🙂
being a part of the choir at church. Singing beautiful hymns. 🙂
a mini-holiday with sis back to hometown.
back to Perth on a rainy day…but thank God the weather warmed up on the weekend just in perfect timing for a special couple’s wedding.
Attended an unique wedding + reception. Was a beautiful wedding day. Glad to witness the special occasion.
Dear Mummy staying with me, sharing a room with her…enjoying her presence with us, a priviledge to have her here visiting for a month.

and a day later, i am off on an exciting 18-days long adventure. finally it’s here…am i ready ready!? i know…so soon again…i’m crazy thrilled, trying not to worry so much…just have fun, mum said. okay…(still havent pack yet. oops + have to work 3-930pm tmr, flight at 01:00am budget flights, trying to save $  i bought only hand-carry baggage fares… let’s see if i can fit everything in and keep it under 7kg…fingers crossed :P)

Perth -> Melbourne -> Christchurch -> Queenstown -> Auckland -> Adelaide -> Perth

and it’s going to just get colder and colder 😛
hope i can survive through this trip without falling sick.

ok, i better get ready for bed… a few last minute tasks to do tmr morning before the past-midnight flight to Melbourne.

ps: mum and i attempted to make our own bak gua (dried minced meat) after a brief cooking lesson in Kuching a day before we came back to Perth…following the recipe provided – and it turned out quite nice. yum. Next up, bao (bun) is on the list! can ask me for the recipes 😛



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