Posted by: iamlillian | June 21, 2010


hello i’m back!

it just feels surreal that i have been through so many encounters and adventures in the pass 3 weeks and that now i am back caring for patients again in hospital! Time really flies!!

first day work since 2nd June:

i just came home from (Shenton Park) Royal Perth Rehab Hospital. One of my patients was a young kiwi boy who had a mva in feb resulting in spinal injury. He was delighted when i said i just came back from my nz trip. He was originally from Rotorua! i’ve been there, i told him. He was beaming with joy. His accent reminded me of the fun times i had in NZ. He made my day. =)

Once again i am reminded of how privileged and blessed i am. Able to be independent and go places. A sense of gratification to be able to be the ‘hands and feet’ of my quadriplegic patients in the spinal unit, to chat with them and cheer them up. Feels good to be back in action again! Although part of me do miss my holidays and everyone and things that came with it. 🙂

18 days. 4 travellers. 5 cities. 6 flights. Countless laughters and fun and memories. The highlight of all the travels was how blessed i was to be able to meet my old friends and my relatives again…in spite of the ‘tourissy’ things and activities. and Thank God i recovered quickly from symptoms of cold/flu.

Despite that  i lost my travel notebook with notes and doodles of my Japan + NZ trips while i was in Auckland, i have gained so much more through these memorable holiday destinations…yes i was feeling sad when it went missing…but i am getting over it…comforting myself that it will end up with a kind-hearted person who will flip through the pages and found my uncle’s nz address and return it. Hoping that i’ll get it back one day.

suffering a little bit of post-holiday blues & jet lag, perhaps. oh well…soon overtaken by the reality of working life again 😛 well, at least mum and all of us siblings are here together in Perth at the moment for the next few days.

sigh…i miss melbourne, christchurch, queenstown, auckland & adelaide. 

coming up soon -photos & reflection on my travels 🙂


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