Posted by: iamlillian | June 22, 2010

Lost memories


If anyone seen my missing- lovely-one-of-a-kind smiggle notebook given to me by dear Janice (i’m so sad)…please return it to me. Thank you very much!

i miss my travel journal

It’s my travel journal that had accompanied me to Japan & NZ…An essential part of my travel…keeping track of my expenses and discoveries…and pages of random doodles. It just felt like i have lost a friend. 😦

it was last seen in Auckland. Last used while i was in Borders at Sylvia Park Shopping Mall on 16th June 2o10.

It may seem impossible to find it back again…but i still have the hope that it’ll land in a kind-hearted person’s hands who will flip through the pages and discovered my nz uncle’s address and send it back.

so for meantime…we’ll wait and see… 🙂 it’s waiting to be found!!

sigh… slowly getting over this lost…what to do 😦

here’s a page from the book which i took picture of…

it was a visual journal page to map out our fun day out in Auckland.



  1. sorry to hear abt ur loss dear.. will pray tat u get ur notebook back soon!! missing u…!

  2. Hi Mei! ya…a bit sad…but hopefully someday it’ll appear again. 🙂

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