Posted by: iamlillian | July 23, 2010

clay sculpturing

above: playing with the idea that it could be unicorn? hehe.

back to the arts studio on Wednesday with sis after missing for 2 months.

above is a horse sculpture i pictured in my mind and i’m glad with how it turned out to be. I was inspired by this below:

as seen on bloesem blog

At the moment, i am looking for ideas of painting the horse when it’s fired. This just reminded me of my 1st bunny which i have not decided whether to paint or not. hmm.

Also, my 2nd bunny sculpture was ready to be fired in the kiln this week so it will be ready next wednesday.

Just because….

A new song i heard on radio lately that i want to share. A new bubbly song   ‘Just Because’  by Merise . A lovely tune for the weekend!

Have a fantastic weekend ahead! 🙂



  1. Lil!
    i thought of u when i first heard the song on radio a few weeks ago and i knew you’d like it too!
    miss u! =)

  2. Hi Jac! How are you? it’s a lovely song isnt it! take care!

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