Posted by: iamlillian | July 27, 2010

gone surfing tuesday

music + blogs + warm honeylemon = passingtimenursingacoldgonesurfingtuesday

my playlist:

‘Light of the sky’ by The Afters

‘Good Life’ by One Republic

‘Just Because’ by Merise

‘No matter what’ by Kerrie Roberts

‘I’ll be’ by Newsboys

‘For the first time’ by the Script

‘Love Lost’ by the Temper Trap

‘Summerday’ Sheryl Crow

‘Either side of the world’ by Crowded House


from masterchef contestants…comes food blogs.

‘what should i watch now that masterchef has ended…’ o wait, there’s still the 7pm project and my weekly dose of the Gruen Transfer on ABC. and in a few weeks time i’ll be watching little kids 8-12yo cook on tv reality show Masterchef Junior…!

Claire Winton Burn


Alvin's food blog

For the art-sake!


Little Paper Planes – Must visit

Below are a few inspiring artworks that i really admire.

Deerscape Print by Traci Edwards


Into the ether by Shannon Rankin


Keep calm and ride on by Jen Renninger


Boots by Dallas Shaw

My first piano by Christina Vantzou


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