Posted by: iamlillian | August 12, 2010


last night i worked night shift at Trauma unit.

What’s heart-breaking was most of the cases were motor-vehicle accidents with fatality. The survivor-patients were left not only to heal from physical wounds but also shattered hearts to face the reality that their loved ones or friends are gone.

what’s a world going to be like for a devastated 23yo girl who just lost her partner and a 18months old baby in a high speed car crash.

a 16yo boy was a back passenger in a car when the car lost control and crashed. One of his friends didnt make it.

Speeding, drink and drive are the most common cause of accidents.

some cases where pedestrians were involved as well.

The reality is people die. or end up with permanent physical damages that may alter one’s living.

Events like this can be overwhelmingly life-changing. can impact one’s life in a dramatic way.

Because lives have been taken. The ones that survived have to carry on with grief.

my heart just sank when i gathered informations of my patients.

then i thought of times when there were near-misses when i was on the road.

It could  have happened in a split second.

what if…

So please be really careful on the road.


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