Posted by: iamlillian | August 13, 2010

The BiG Issue zine

Often i spotted vendors standing in the busy crowds in the malls or at the bridge to the train station holding a copy of the Big Issue magazine, awaiting for someone to stop by and purchase a copy from them. And often i just walked past them giving them a quick glance, sometimes a smile too but never intended to buy a copy from them.

Then 2 days ago as i was coming up on the elevator going to the bus station, i saw a man probably in his 50s standing there holding a Big Issue with the face of Cameron Diaz on the frontcover. Without much thinking this time, i just stopped and asked how much. $5 thanks, he said. and i got myself a copy.

Before this purchase, i’ve heard about how Big Issue magazine help the vendors to make a living. And often these vendors are experiencing homelessness and/or long-term unemployment.

exerpt from Big Issue 3-16 Aug

but now after reading the articles, practically all the words in the magazine during my night shift on wednesday night…i find myself enjoying the content of the current affairs and also inspiring articles of the true stories of the vendors and featured articles.

for example in this issue, there’s an article called ‘Sweet shots’ which talks about a humble doughnut van, Olympic Doughnuts at the Footscray train staion in Melbourne. A photographer Jaime Murcia documented a day of doughnut trading, both in still images and a multimedia presentation that shows the sights and sounds of the van owner Nick talking and the background sounds of the train station.

and there are a lot more interesting uplifting somewhat quirky articles, one or two brings chuckles as you read. And with the thought that my purchase have helped this man made me smile.

So more people should just go out there and get yourself a copy of Big Issue today and help somebody out there!


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