Posted by: iamlillian | August 25, 2010

Nursing: sending an email

just a brief recap on work last night and these thoughts still bring a smile to my face. =)

One of my patient, an 80 y.o granny was having some trouble with her laptop.

somehow later i found myself typing an email as she spoke.

An email to her beloved son, daughter-in-law and 2 grandkids at Vancouver. All the way across to the other side of the world.

“Hi my darlings… … i am fine here in hospital … … I have a nice chinese nurse who shows me how to use this…hope one day we will meet again. bye for now my darlings. love, mum and granny.” It was a message of love and longing of loved ones. And she talked about her son, the wife and the grandkids.

to be honest, i was actually amazed to see her tapping away on the laptop scrutinizing at the screen. In my head i was thinking why was there a laptop and what was she doing with it.

right, elderly may be elderly but does not mean they are not up-t0-date with the modern technology.

Apparently she just bought the laptop a few days prior to her admission to hospital. but it still amazed me how much she knew about wireless connection, email, etc…(ok maybe only me finding it amazing…)

anyway, I was more than happy to be able to help her with her email account.

Interestingly enough, the email ‘we’ sent not long ago got replied! almost immediately. lovely!

So, it has been a quiet steady shift and  i managed to show my patient how to check her inbox and read the emails individually.

“Show me the tricks..” she said. haha.

Later during the evening, she showed me forwarded emails she received from her friends. How cute was that.

forwarded emails. reminded me of the earlier years when we used to love forwarding chain mails. lol. well, now i still received lovely forwarded emails occasionally and they brought uplifting messages.

sigh…i miss my granny aka mama. The last i saw her was on skype! lol. maybe i should just call her to say hi.

warm and fuzzy inside,




  1. hi Lillian!
    passing by and say hi! haven’t seen you online for a while! This is so interesting! haha…my old patients are just old and none of them actually knows how to use a laptop!! this grandma is precious!!

  2. hehe..ya, it’s little things like this make nursing worthwhile and fulfilling. 🙂 i met her again few days later when i was allocated to that ward again…and she had her hair shaved (she said she wanted to get rid of the few dangling hair she’s got left) and she was wearing a bright yellow beanie with a big smile on her face. 😀

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