Posted by: iamlillian | September 9, 2010

beautiful blooms

The weather was simply beautiful when we were picnicking at Kings Park on Monday.

September marked the month of Kings Park Festival featuring wildflowers of Australia. The entire month is filled with activities for families, events and entertainment. A perfect season to stroll in Kings Park indulging your senses to the beautiful surrounding with the sight of the pink everlastings that will surely takes your breath away.

we had lots to munch on while also busy entertaining the ducks and a few birds with some breadcrumbs.

lovely Cheryl & Rachel prepared so wonderfully for the picnic

these birds are so pretty. love the green with a yellow band around their necks

after the lovely lunch, we packed away the food and took a stroll, more like a hike after a while through the botanical park.

It was also very interesting to learn about the names of the flowers and admire their uniqueness.

Unique flower: Kangaroo's Paws & Wattles

we also spotted a kookaburra on a branch from a distance.

and of course, the lovely company made my day! Aunty Merrilyn is here visiting. It was good to catch up with her and the leaders of ocf.

Aunty Merrilyn with Kangaroo's Paws

Cheryl & Rachel

God made everything so beautiful. Praise the Lord 🙂

before impressionism



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