Posted by: iamlillian | September 14, 2010

Christmas Island

followed by wild dreams…

i have been receiving text messages from nursing agency offering short term works at the country hospitals mostly in WA. And just then i received a rather astounding text from agency saying,

“Hi everyone! I have a great opportunity for someone to go Christmas Island Hospital starting 21/9 for 6 weeks!! Good ED skills required. Flights+accom+good rates. Pls let me know! K”

That would be raither awesome!!, i thought for a while.
Christmas Island…i have had curious thoughts about the island and also checked the flight ticket which turned out to be quite expensive!! so i abandoned the thought of checking it out. hee.

Imagine saying yes to the offer and away i go to a whole new experience! (ya-ya…if only)

Nursing is always adventurous. i agree.
Last night i worked with a fellow agency nurse from Ireland. She has only just arrived in Australia a few weeks ago. She is travelling while picking up shifts as a nurse. She’s not the first i met. I’ve met nurses who have been brave enough to go to another country to work as a nurse while fulfilling the dream of travelling. i hope i could do that too…working while travelling…staying abroad for a few months to maybe years!?

and yes we are, if anything, creatures of habit as the saying goes. It would be quite scary to step out of one’s comfort zone into the unknown circumstance. But then again, why fear. why wait. why not one be adventurous and explore the wonders of life.

easy said than done ya. I often find myself stuck in executing the wishful thinking of mine with success. (sigh)

who knows where God will lead me to next. Another city? another country? another culture?

oh well, it’s never too late to find the edge, quote Patrick Lindsay in his book…

“We set boundaries for safety.
From fear.
Because of habit.
Test them.
See why you drew them.
Push against them.
Break through them.
Feel the exhilaration.”

c’mon lil, dont just sit around and wait for something to happen…

oh ya…it’s 103 days to Christmas. A season to spread the Love. Spread Jesus to the world! x


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