Posted by: iamlillian | September 15, 2010

Lunch at Greenhouse

Lunch at GreenHouse

prawns & shiitake omelette

pasta of the day

bon appetit!

dangling in the air

Today sis and i went to check out the Greenhouse café on St. George Tce in the heart of the city.
images found via Google search
It is such a creative smart concept and you can read more about the background and the features of the quaint café on the website .
The service was professional and friendly.
 The food was good and generous with the ingredients and portion.
The atmosphere was filled with funky background music with people chattering away.
Looking outside the windows you see people walking past the café and perhaps stopped by for take-away coffees.
The interior design was quirky, dotted with little touches of nature.
the external is covered with pots of green plants as you can see above!
Greenhouse, that’s why la. haa.
and also i like the idea of a variety of drink bottles dangling in the air above the coffee bar.
The kitchen is not hidden away.
So you get to see the chefs in action!
i would definitely love to go there again. I reckon it’s a lovely place to meet up with friends over meals. 🙂
the food: honest, creative, generous and worth the dollars.
100 St. Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000


  1. my gosh the place looks lovely! 😀

    ur brewing mind blog is so inspiring! especially love ur clay figurines! so glad to see ur enjoying perth there dear! take care! 😀

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