Posted by: iamlillian | September 21, 2010

Spring Clean

in the neighbourhood


It is that time of the year again when you see many large objects and broken old stuff being thrown out on the side of the road in your neighbourhood for rubbish collection. Last evening I went for a brisk walk around my neighbourhood and saw many unwanted stuff along the paths. 

throwing out old couch

It reminded me of what Janice, Mel and myself did last spring season hard rubbish collection week. We actually drove around the neighbourhood, even to North Adelaide to see if we would come across something that could be refurbished and we found a stack of plastic chairs & a table. It was so much fun to transform the old dull look to a bright artsy look. I blogged about it here.

I wonder what could be done to this couch to give it a new look. A facelift is needed! If only i have the skills and tools like what Design Sponge blogged on Before & Afters.

— — —

We also got rid of an old ripped couch as the family is getting a new couch. I sort of like the idea of a couch on the grass so I took this picture after we pushed and carried this heavy couch to the front of the house.

a big space in the living room

Now the living room looking bigger and spacious without the couch.

getting rid of long weeds

getting rid of junk in the house; attending to the garden; pulling out 1 meter tall weeds around the house; doing loads of laundry; changing the bedsheets; the things we do in spring.


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