Posted by: iamlillian | September 25, 2010

Dream holidays

Dreaming of holidays…lately the thought of planning for a holiday keeps appearing in my head..words like holiday, travel, trips keep floating up on me.

Janice asked me “Where is your next dream trip?”

Please consider NYC!” (oh yeah… 😉 )

AirAsia is having this crazy cheap flight offer to Japan!

chatted with a nurse on my night shift who is going to India in November and Japan for a month in January 2011! How awesome is that! It was such a lovely chat with someone who loves to travel.

again, on second night shift, another nurse chatted about his travelling experiences to Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bali, London etc.

having all these conversations on travelling just increase the excitement and motivation in me!

A strong urge to travel again rises within!

out of impulse, i clicked away on airasia booking pages…and almost bought a return ticket to Japan! Almost.


RM 790 return tickets to Japan. I was so tempted! I had all these imagination of strolling down the streets of Tokyo again, travelling to other cities and counties in Japan etc.

but i got stuck at the payment page. I was contemplating…and deep down i know i should not act on sudden impulse.

and reading this post on Japan doesnt help at all! 😛

so then i decided to trash that thought of being in Tokyo again…for the time being. (but I will be back, Japan!)

and travelling solo would not be as fun as travelling with a good company!

And i want to travel with purpose, more than just having fun. Perhaps… consider travel with a mission.

the conclusion is…

i am still dreaming about the next big adventure! we’ll see…



  1. I’m so with you! I’m dreaming of getaways on daily basis too! I was just planning a Croatia and surrounding Europe trip for December next yr with my friend!!

  2. Hi Yoshi!! OMGosh! That sounds like a GOOD plan to visit Croatia & Europe!!! 😀

  3. Glad to know we’re all dreaming together…really need the drive to keep working right? Haha. New York, new york!

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