Posted by: iamlillian | September 27, 2010

Rottnest Island on two wheels

clear seawater

Today is Queen’s Birthday public holiday in Perth. The alarm went off at 6am. Drove all the way to Fremantle and hopped onto the ferry across to Rottnest Island.

Chinese Young Adult Fellowship has organised a day trip to Rottnest Island. I’ve been wanting to explore Rottnest Island, even had a little note pinned to my board to remind me of my next destination: Rottnest Island. So this was a perfect opportunity for me!

It was a lovely warm day perfect for cycling! we hired bikes for $20 all day. From 8+am, we started on our journey on our bikes following the map. Then we had a lunch picnic together. There were so much food!!

After lunch, we cycled along the beaches then a little ice-cream treat before we headed back to the ferry with sore bottom and legs. lol.

I met someone new today. Meet Quokka. 🙂


Perfect day at the beach

exploring on two the sky!

The water was this clear!

designed by Cindy

I met a graphic designer, Cindy on our outing today. I like the tags she made specially for today! There’s a map on the back too! It was such an inspiration to me to meet someone who loves design and actually pursued it!

biking bliss

more breath-taking photos at my flickr. 🙂


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