Posted by: iamlillian | October 2, 2010

Japan! We are coming SOON! (via s.tick.y note.s)

WoW! An exciting news from Yoshi! Something awesome like this is all we need to keep us motivated and loving life and all that is in it! So excited for the three of you, KKY! haha! 😀

p/s: looking forward to the photos, Yoshi!

pp/s: i like the new ‘like’ button and the ‘Reblog’ function on WordPress! lol.

Japan! We are coming SOON! It’s holiday time again in 2 months! This time Kristin, Kazu and I are going to conquer Japan, from top to (almost) bottom – Hokkaido up in the north down to Hiroshima in the South.  We call it the KKY Japan Trip 2010. Although I’ve lived in Japan for the first 10 years of my life, I did not visit alot of places within Japan, maybe to my grandparents’ and cousins’ houses which were in nearby prefectures. This time our 2+ weeks travelling in Japan … Read More

via s.tick.y note.s


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