Posted by: iamlillian | October 9, 2010

Road trip to Margaret River etc

On Thursday, 6 of us hit the road, travelled more than 600km return exploring the beautiful region of Margaret River.

Our first stop after 2 hours driving was Bunbury. We had brekkie there, then headed to Busselton. We went to the Canals on the Coast, climbing rocks and amazingly we spotted a few whales flipping their tails onto the surface!!! I love the rock climbing and watching the waves crashing onshore.

Then we drove on reaching margaret river region, stopping by at a few tourist attraction spots like the famous Margaret River Chocolate Shop/factory.

Lunch at a beautiful shop/café called Cape Lavender. Everything was purple in colour!

then we also visited the Olive Oil Soap Factory. trying some olive oil, olives, dips and even get our hands soapy with the soaps. My hands felt so soothingly smooth after applying the hand lotions.

we did not make it in time for the Lake caves tour, so we headed to Augusta.

In the evening, we drove all the way down south to Augusta to see the two oceans meeting point. The site was actually closed. we were 5 minutes late. But the very kind person let us in, told us to run to the lighthouse and back in 10 minutes as they will close the gate soon. and FREE of charge! it was simply awesome fun running to see the beautiful scenery.

then we stopped over at KFC for dinner before continuing the road trip back to Perth city.

A Big Thank You to my dear friends who drove and brought us around! And Thanking God for protecting us safe journeys. 😀

more breath-taking photos at my Flickr under Road trip to Margaret River etc album. 😀


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