Posted by: iamlillian | October 13, 2010

Movie: I love you too

cheap movie rental on tuesdays so i got this funny aussie love comedy. It’s even funnier when i watched the whole movie in Visual Impairment narrator-speaking mode!! I must have accidentally clicked on the ‘ON’ when i intended to get the subtitles on. I only realised the whole silly-me right at the end of the movie!

I was thinking to myself, ‘gee…this movie is quite interesting with a narrator speaking ALL the time including explaining the apperances and actions of the characters.’ I thought it was something like ‘500 days of summer’. But it got a little annoying half way through the movie. LOL.

so i replayed abit of the movie without the narrator speaking just to make sure. lol!


Jim (Brendan Cowell) and Blake (Peter Helliar) are thirtysomethings who have been entertaining one another since childhood. One-night stands take care of their sex lives – or they would if Blake could ever master the art of the chat-up. Essentially, however, they’re going steady with one another.

Then the unthinkable happens. By some mysterious means, Jim has learnt how to talk to women and one night he actually falls for one. Her name is Alice and she postpones her return home to England because of him. More than three years later, they’re still together but things are far from ideal. Jim is yet to move out of his family’s house and he can’t bring himself to tell Alice (Yvonne Strahovski) that he loves her.

So the sweetness he displays here is something of a revelation. It almost has you understanding how he managed to win Alice, who is beautiful as well as being a genuine grown-up.

Now, however, she has had enough. Unless he can find a way of letting her know that he cares for her, she is going back to England…. –review

Overall, it’s quite an entertaining and appealing movie to watch. and i like the appearance of ‘Charlie’ by played by Peter Dinklage in the movie. (reminded me of his role in ‘Death at a funeral’.)  3.5 out of 5 rating from me.

Peter Dinklage
And because it’s an Aussie movie, there’re a few familiar faces in it such as Brendan Cowell, Megan Gale, Peter Helliar (from Rove) & Hamish (radio guy) too.

All that is standing between them is four little words.

A bro-mance about the meaning of relationships, the importance of friendship, and having the courage to pursue the one you love. [before it’s too late.]


read review here  and there.



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